i-Hub Cohorts

About i-Hub  

The i-Hub Cohorts are working to increase work integrated learning in post-secondary institutions. The iHUB supports the advancement of, and innovation in, these forms of WIL, extends access to WIL, and ensures WIL projects are delivered with appropriate quality and learning standards for students.  

The grant is given by Co-operative Education and Work-Integrated Learning Canada, the lead organization for work-integrated learning in Canada. CEWIL Canada partners with post-secondary institutions, community members, employers, government, and students to champion work-integrated learning (WIL). Their mission is to build the capacity to develop future-ready students through quality work-integrated learning.  

What is Work Integrated Learning? 

Work-integrated learning is a form of curricular experiential education that formally integrates a student’s academic studies with quality experiences within a workplace or practice setting. WIL experiences normally include an engaged partnership between an academic institution, a host organization/employer, and a student. WIL occurs at the course or program level and includes the development of learning outcomes related to employability, personal agency, and life-long learning. 

Earn $1,800 for Course Credit 

Are you looking to get paid $1,800 as part of a course? With the CEWIL i-Hub grant, students are eligible for $1,800 while taking an applied study. 

**Taxable Income