Fall 2021 i-Hub Cohorts

Earn $1,800 for Course Credit Fall 2021 

Are you looking to get paid $1,800 as part of a course? With the CEWIL i-Hub grant, students are eligible for $1,800 while taking an applied study. Opportunities are for FALL 2021 ONLY—take a look at the job postings below.

**Taxable Income 


Step 1: Requirements.  

  1. Be a registered University of Lethbridge student for fall 2021. 
  2. a Canadian Citizen, permanent resident, or person on whom refugee protection has been conferred under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, and; Please note that International Students do not qualify 
  3. legally entitled to work according to provincial/territorial legislation and regulations. 

Step 2: Explore the opportunities below and apply for a position that you qualify for. 

Step 3: Check with an academic advisor to see if you qualify for an applied or independent study. 

People who self-identify as an underrepresented group (Indigenous, individuals with a disability, women in STEM, minorities, and rural individuals) are strongly encouraged to apply.  

To Access Job Postings:

In order to access the postings, you must be logged into the My Experience Portal.

  1. Visit My Experience (myexperience.uleth.ca) and log in.
  2. Click on one of the links below and it should take you directly to the job posting.

To Apply

  1.  Apply for job postings.
  2.  Once you are accepted, contact applied studies to start your course registration.

This opportunity is dependent on whether you qualify for an applied study.

If you have questions, contact: agility@uleth.ca. Or phone Brandy Old at 403.331.5427.


IDST 3850 | Building Careers: Engaging in Community

Course description: If you would like 1800$ as part of a work study, in addition to class credit, this hybrid online/in-person course is for you! By working with a community organization or a local business to help them solve a challenge/problem they are facing, you will get an opportunity to apply the skills you have been learning in your undergraduate studies. This course is designed to help you transition to “the real world,” and figure out how to articulate the skills and abilities your degree has honed whether your major is in the Humanities, Social Sciences, Sciences, or any other undergraduate program. Students taking this course will solve real world community problems, in Lethbridge and surrounding communities, as you engage in active learning through online activities, monthly in-person meetings with professional insiders, networking opportunities, and practical problem-solving through use of the campus Innovation Zone.


We are a real estate investment group that helps like-minded partners achieve financial indepence and make an impact through real estate investment.

Job Postings

Real Estate Acquisition Associate | Posting Number: 15902

Operations & Process Design Associate | Posting Number: 15903

Event & Community Manager | Posting Number: 15904


Airau Marketing

Airau Marketing is a local boutique digital agency that specializes in videography, photography, website design, and social media.

Job Postings

Business Development Associate | Posting Number: 15901

Video Producer | Posting Number: 15900

Digital Content Producer | Posting Number: 15896


AdaptABLE Outdoors

A network of people in southwestern Alberta who are passionate about the outdoors and working together to make the outdoors accessible to people of all abilities. 

Job Postings

Green Care Strategy Student Researcher - 2 postions available | Posting Number: 15905

Motion Analysis Student - 2 postions available | Posting Number: 15906


Agility Innovation Zone

Join the Agility Innovation Zone Team in support of creating an open and inclusive environment in the Innovation Zone for University of Lethbridge students, staff, and faculty, as well as community members. This role will also include supporting coordination and delivery of programs like workshops, speaker series, maker days in the Innovation Zone. 


ARTS MARVELS is a platform for individuals to develop talents, harness their potential, and express themselves through various forms of art. They aim to bring like-minded people together and provide artists with new opportunities/avenues to express themselves. They specialize in: 

  • Talent Mentorship 

  • Event Organization 

  • Networking 

  • Talent Management  

Job Postings

Human Resources / Assistant Manager | Posting Number: 15868

Project Manager | Posting Number: 15871

Program & Events Manager | Posting Number: 15869Finance Manager  | Posting Number: 15870


Bold ‘N Brave

Bold N Brave is a new social purpose organization looking to support students this Fall 2021, to be a part of a unique one-of-a-kind learning opportunity. Bold N Brave has partnered with the University of Lethbridge and other organizations within the community to provide experiential hands-on training, mentorship and work experience placement that target students’ individual interests and future employment goals. Bold N Brave’s goal is to assist students who are driven to become more empowered as they begin to transition into the workforce with absolute confidence and a newfound sense of self-assurance in their skills and abilities. 

Job Postings

Work Placement Support | Posting Number: 15851

Digital App Project

This position will support Agility’s Campus Ecology Initiative, which aims to revitalize and re-indigenize the campus grounds and to educate our students and the local community about Blackfoot traditions and cultural land practices. You will help develop appropriate and interactive content for a mobile app that will provide a guided experience for a walking tour across campus.  

Ground Floor Labs

We are a diverse group of entrepreneurs who love building purpose-driven projects. Our obsession with rural innovation, entrepreneurship, and economic development has allowed us to work on projects that create impact. We guide our clients to develop and implement a rural strategy that delivers measurable outcomes. 

Refugee Garden

Work to help develop a new grassroots project and bring a community garden on campus and support refugees in tending to the garden.


Student entrepreneurs take their business from ideation to acquiring their first customer.  

Job Postings

Trailblazing - 8 positions available| Agility Program | Posting Number: 15849

Brandi’s Salsa

Brandi’s Salsa is an all-natural 100% fresh homemade salsa, sells in Mild, Medium, Hot, Extra Hot & Grimm Reaper. Each salsa is fresh individual flavours that complement each other perfectly. 

Job Postings 

Marketing Assistant | Posting Number: 15884

True Balance Counselling

True Balance Counselling provides counselling therapy for individuals, couples, and families in the Lethbridge area. We also provide psychological assessments, groups and workshops. 

Job Postings

Marketing/Media Assistant | Posting Number: 15883


Restore Yoga Co.

Restore: To return, repair, or renovate something to an original or former condition. The goal of RestoreYogaCo is to take those baby steps into a healing journey of wholeness- Spirit, Soul, and Body through the physical practice of Yoga. A relaxing and safe environment is cultivated in order to fully experience care for oneself through the asanas, breath, and meditation. 

Job Postings

Social Media/Marketing Assistant | Posting Number: 15882

LHR International

The LHR International Team brings Human Resources (HR) solutions with a focus on immigration and legislation for employers who want to implement best practices and reduce the risk of litigation with business innovation. They also work with employers and job seekers to get a job and assist them to become independent contractors. 


Job Postings

Website Design and Development Specialist | Posting Number: 15881


Tanya K Leadership Consulting

The practice of people-centered leadership by Tanya K. “I believe that leadership can be practiced from the heart! That it can be vulnerable, authentic, human, and still very successful!” Learn how you can develop this leadership for you and your team. 

Job Postings

Marketing Strategist | Posting Number: 15880

The Finance Café

For any business owner, money is more than just the bottom line. Businesses don’t start without money. They don’t grow without money. And they don’t survive without money. As entrepreneurs, setting financial goals is essential to our success as is recognizing that every decision we make along our business journey has a business and personal financial impact. The Finance Café is a financial literacy training program that teaches you how to read the story of your business – one number at a time.  

Job Postings

Marketing Intern Position | Posting Number: 15877

Bold Candle Therapy

Bold Candle Therapy is an up and coming small business located in Medicine Hat, AB. Hand poured, small batch, wood wick, vegan coconut and soy candles. Crystals to boost the vibe you need in every lightly scented candle. There is a large focus on being as ecological as possible and as soon as we can fine tune our labeling options, we will be 100% waste free. All the candles are decorated with plastic free glitter to give it that extra spark! 


Job Postings

Website / Graphic Designer |  Posting Number: 15876


Potts Painting

Locally owned painting company serving Southern Alberta.

Job Postings

Marketing Assistant | Posting Number: 15875

Marketing Directions

Based in Calgary, Alberta, Marketing Directions is a full-service management consulting company specializing in opportunity and market assessments, feasibility studies, strategic business planning, marketing research, segmentation and customer relationship management with experience in a variety of sectors such as Information Technology, Software, Geomatics, Engineering, Energy, and Manufacturing.

Job Postings

Market Research Analyst | Posting Number: 15874


Banks & Braes Bed ‘n Breakfast

Your boutique destination in Rosebud! Banks and Braes was purpose-built with guest comfort as its principal objective. As we continue to develop, we hope to add not only room options but also various events. We imagine things like writers retreats, Regency dance lessons, murder-mystery weekends, and lots and lots of parties!

Job Postings

Business Development Intern | Banks & Braes Bed ‘n Breakfast | Posting Number: 15873



Textile supply and design studio located in Southern Alberta.

Job Postings

Social Media and Website Specialist | Posting Number: 15940

The Immigrant Community Garden Initiative

Work to help develop a new grassroots project and bring a community garden on campus and support refugees in tending to the garden.

Job Postings

Research Assistant | Posting Number: 15865

Roots of Growth

Roots of Growth, is a student-led project at the University of Lethbridge, aims to memorialize the victims and survivors of the residential schooling system by planting 4 native trees across campus. Community members will be able to use an app (see Digital App Project (link to Digital App Project Page)) or a brochure to navigate across campus to the plant locations. Along the way, they will learn about the plants from both the indigenous perspective (i.e., traditional plant uses, cultural significance, legends) and western perspective (i.e., botanical sketches, Latin names, qualities, characteristics, uses). This interactive approach to learning about plants, Blackfoot culture and traditions, and western science is me.

Job Postings

Reconciliation Tree Guided Mobile App Position | Posting Number: 15850

About i-Hub  

The i-Hub Cohorts are working to increase work integrated learning in post-secondary institutions. The iHUB supports the advancement of, and innovation in, these forms of WIL, extends access to WIL, and ensures WIL projects are delivered with appropriate quality and learning standards for students.  

The grant is given by Co-operative Education and Work-Integrated Learning Canada, the lead organization for work-integrated learning in Canada. CEWIL Canada partners with post-secondary institutions, community members, employers, government, and students to champion work-integrated learning (WIL). Their mission is to build the capacity to develop future-ready students through quality work-integrated learning.  

What is Work Integrated Learning? 

Work-integrated learning is a form of curricular experiential education that formally integrates a student’s academic studies with quality experiences within a workplace or practice setting. WIL experiences normally include an engaged partnership between an academic institution, a host organization/employer, and a student. WIL occurs at the course or program level and includes the development of learning outcomes related to employability, personal agency, and life-long learning. 

Our Partners


The Women Entrepreneurs-in-STEM (WESTEM) program is here to empower, support and train all women entrepreneurs in Southern Alberta. We specialize in working with professional women in STEM fields, and helping all female entrepreneurs incorporate emerging technologies into their businesses. 

Students have the opportunity to work with WESTEM entrepreneurs and get paid to support local businesses.  

Volunteer Lethbridge

Volunteer Lethbridge exists as a support network for both volunteers and non-profit organizations, helping each to find the answers, assistance, and encouragement they need – so they can do their best work.