Open Call - Alberta Land Institute

The Alberta Land Institute is accepting for consideration research proposals in the open category. Proposals must fit one of the three Research Categories within ALI’s research portfolio (Discovery Research, Policy Research, or Educational Projects), and must engage directly at least one of the themes of this call (Municipal Development, or Agriculture), or an area of study within the Institute’s mandate.

Research Categories: The Alberta Land Institute is seeking to augment its research project portfolio in the following three categories.

Discovery Research
Research undertaken to identify and examine emerging and future issues critical to the Institute’s mandate. Successful proposals in this category will articulate broad research questions, inform long-range policy development using different disciplines and theoretical perspectives, and offer or inspire new information or innovative solutions to land use and land use management problems. Multi-year proposals may be considered in this category.

Policy Research
Projects focusing on a specific issue of immediate and critical concern to ALI’s stakeholders, providing concrete analysis of policy alternatives, land use instruments, etc., and supported by comprehensive academic research. The primary purpose of projects in this category is to fill knowledge gaps and support decision-making in Alberta.

Educational Projects
Projects aimed at translating and transmitting existing or new ALI or other relevant knowledge beyond the academic community in order to shed light on issues specifically relevant to ALI’s partners and stakeholders and to support public discussion and policymaking in Alberta.

Research Themes: Municipal Development and Agriculture have been selected as the focus of this call. However, other proposals related to the Institute’s other areas of study (water or governance: see may be considered.

Municipal Development 
A changing physical and social landscape in Alberta, increasing development and fiscal pressures, and recent and pending legislative reforms, pose challenges to municipal councils and local policymakers, as well as opportunities for improved land use and land management. ALI is inviting research proposals related to municipal development. The Institute is particularly interested in research proposals related to (i) the institutional capacity of urban and rural municipalities for planning, collaboration, and cost/revenue sharing; and/or (ii) economic incentives to sustainable growth and development.

The Institute continues its commitment to connecting research with policy to promote viable and sustainable agriculture in Alberta. The Institute will consider new research proposals focusing on the provision of ecosystem services and enhancing biodiversity on agricultural land, and/or the management, fragmentation, and conversion of agricultural land. In addition, ALI is particularly interested in research proposals exploring the relationships between social values and attitudes toward agriculture, public policy and regulation, and the political and economic environment impacting agricultural land in Alberta.

Agency Name: 
Alberta Land Institute
Contact Name: 
Gillian Laird
Grant Amount: 
A maximum of $60,000 for one-year projects.
Grant Location: 
External Deadline: 
Tuesday, August 15, 2017
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Grant Area: 
Natural Science
Social Science
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