Networks of Centres of Excellence (NCE)

The Networks of Centres of Excellence (NCE) Program invests in Canadian research and entrepreneurial talent to generate, translate and apply knowledge along the innovation continuum that will create economic and social benefits for Canadians. The program plays an important role in mobilizing the best of Canada's research, translational, and entrepreneurial expertise and engaging Canadian and international partners from the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors, by de-risking their investments in network activities. In this way, the program helps to expand global knowledge in strategic areas and enables the creation and implementation of multifaceted solutions to specific social and economic challenges, with the goal of helping build a more advanced, healthy, competitive and prosperous country.

Networks are expected to:

  • Be challenge-focused and solution-driven;
  • Foster innovative research, training and the co-creation of new knowledge on critical issues of intellectual, social, economic and cultural significance;
  • Engage partners in the design and execution of all network activities, including knowledge creation, mobilization and exploitation; and
  • Have a strategic, diverse leadership, incorporating all relevant sectoral and disciplinary perspectives.

The NCE Program goal, objectives, and expected results and outcomes are detailed in the NCE Program Guide found on the website (
Please visit this page for a list of currently funded NCEs.

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Networks of Centres of Excellence of Canada
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Tia Moffat:
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No maximum
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External Deadline: 
Wednesday, November 15, 2017
Internal Deadline: 
Wednesday, November 1, 2017
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Natural Science
Social Science
Fine Arts
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