Jay & Aiden Barker Breakthrough Grant in Clinical & Basic Sciences 2017

Epilepsy Canada (EC) is requesting research proposals from established researchers to conduct investigations that explore the basic mechanisms of epileptic seizures.
We are looking for a widespread assortment of submissions. In particular, we’re interested in submissions that are high risk in nature that if successful would have near term applicability in the treatment of epilepsy and hopefully lead to finding a cure.
Epilepsy Canada is also receptive to receiving proposals that represent multi-year projects.
We encourage high risk proposals that would develop preliminary data sufficient to make applications to other funding bodies that support more extensive programs.
Applications having a more clinical focus are also encouraged but they should be experimental in nature and have clear hypothesis that potentially leads to better clinical outcomes.

Areas of Interest

  • Clinicians/scientists with academic appointments.


  • Letter of intent to apply (LOI) due October 1st: Must be received by 8pm EDT.
  • Full applications due: November 1st: Submission of full application must be received by 8pm EDT.
  • Decision: December  15th
  • Funds available for release: December 15th

This competition is open to all academic researchers (MD and/or PhD) holding a permanent appointment at a university research institute in Canada.
Funds cannot be used to support the salary or buy out clinical time of the Principal Investigator as these grant monies are intended to support operational services.   
Letter of intent - 2 pages
On all pages, the header should contain the following:

  • Title of Proposal*
  • Name of Principal Investigator,
  • Research Institution

Page 1
Summary that outlines proposal.
Page 2
Names and contact of three reviewers that could provide an arm’s length assessment of the area of research.
The intent of LOI is to ensure that the EC secures appropriate peer review and is not intended to screen applications
*Please note that the title of the proposal cannot be changed once the LOI is submitted
Full Application

  • On all pages Header should have Title of Proposal, Name of Principal Investigator, Institution
  • Cover page that indicates institution to be paid and the name and signature of appropriate administrator approving submission of application. 
  • One page summary
  • 5 page proposal, not including refs and figures(12 pt font, 2.0cm borders single spaced)
  • References
  • Figures (max 3)
  • Relevant Publications (max 3)
  • Common C.V. (CIHR format) of principal investigator and any co-applicants.
  • Budget (1 page max) and Justification (1 page max; this should indicate any other support from other sources that may be used to help the current proposal) 
  •  A statement that the proposal does not significantly overlap with a currently funded grant is required.

The entire application should be collated and submitted as a single PDF file. Please number all pages sequentially for entire document.
Review Process
The scientific board of Epilepsy Canada will secure appropriate outside peer review based on the research area indicated in the LOI. External reviews will be scored on a 100-point scale as follows:

  • Novelty and Research plan – 50 pts.,
  • Feasibility – 25 pts.,
  • Productivity of Principal Investigator – 25 pts.

The Scientific board will then assess the external reviews. At the discretion of the scientific board outside advice may also be solicited for this assessment.
A notice of decision will be provided by December 15, 2017. Funds after December 15th.
Research involving humans or animals will require proof of institutional ethics approval prior to the disbursement of funds.
The mandate of Epilepsy Canada is to provide support of research that explores the fundamental base causes of epilepsy that leads to better outcomes. To this end, upon the termination of the granting period, institutions will be required to:

  • Provide a 1-page use of funds report that indicates how the monies were utilized and,
  • A summary of the results and potential impact and,
  • Allow Epilepsy Canada to profile the awarding of the grant for marketing purposes.
Agency Name: 
Epilepsy Canada
Contact Name: 
Pat Hutchinson at phutchison@epilepsy.ca
Grant Amount: 
Epilepsy Canada has set aside up to $200,000 to be awarded to a single winner, or apportioned to multiple award winners, by December 31, 2017.
Grant Location: 
External Deadline: 
Monday, September 25, 2017
Grant Type: 
Grant Area: 
Grant Eligibility: