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Alberta MS Network

The Alberta MS Network (previously the ‘Alberta endMS Regional Research and Training Centre’) was initiated in 2009 with funding from the MS Society of Canada. What began as a training network to enhance the quality of teaching of MS trainees in Alberta rapidly evolved into a network across Alberta that fosters collaboration, research, and educational activities on MS. Today, the network has helped to establish Alberta as a hotspot for cutting edge MS training and research. For more information about the network visit the website:

Award Overview

Students currently enrolled in an undergraduate program may apply for an Alberta MS Network Summer Studentship to work on multiple sclerosis (MS)-related research (non-clinical or clinical) under the supervision of an Alberta-based researcher. This award is meant to encourage exceptional trainees to work on MS research.

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Alberta MS Network
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Grant Amount: 
The award is for $1,000 per month for a minimum of $3,000 (3 months) and maximum of $4,000 (4 months). Note that this will be supplemented by an additional $500 per month from the supervisor’s funds.
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External Deadline: 
Friday, February 23, 2018
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