AHS Population, Public and Indigenous Health Summer Studentship

Population, Public and Indigenous Health Strategic Clinical Network Summer Studentship Award 2018

Call for Applicants

Intent to Apply Deadline: December 21, 2017

Full Application Deadline: February 2, 2018

The Population, Public and Indigenous Health Strategic Clinical NetworkTM (PPIH SCNTM) Scientific Office of Alberta Health Services (AHS) supports and provides training and mentorship opportunities to increase capacity in population, public and Indigenous health research across Alberta. The PPIH SCNTM Summer Studentship Program is designed to provide funding support for undergraduate students to participate and develop research skills applied to the areas relevant to the PPIH SCN’sTM strategic goals. This capacity building initiative will also support trainees towards the generation of evidence to drive decision-making and ongoing health care system improvement and sustainability.

The objectives of the PPIH SCNTM Summer Studentship Award are to:

  1. Provide recognition and funding to students early in their academic research career through an opportunity to gain research experience.
  2. Create collaborative learning opportunities for undergraduate students across Alberta around population, public and Indigenous (First Nations, Métis, Inuit) health research topics that align with the strategic goals of the PPIH SCNTM.
  3. Increase capacity for population, public and Indigenous health focused scientific work within the Alberta community by building student capacity in designing/conducting/ leading small research projects.
  4. Contribute to enhancing the culture of science and innovation within the Alberta population health and Indigenous health community.
  5. Contribute to the generation of new knowledge that advances key topics relevant to population, public and Indigenous health areas, AHS and the PPIH SCNTM
  6. Contribute to improving the health of Albertans through knowledge creation and knowledge translation.

This competition is designed to solicit research that will advance the PPIH SCNTM priority areas:

Population and Public Health

Strategic Goal and Action Areas

Strengthen Community Action: Communities and intersectoral partners take action to improve health outcomes and reduce inequities.

(1) Population health and its determinants are measured routinely, and findings are translated with communities to set priorities and monitor progress.

(2) Pathways to healthy communities are developed and promoted.

(3) Communities’ capacity to create healthy communities is supported and enhanced.

Reorient Health Services: Shared responsibility for promoting health and well-being is firmly embedded across health services.

(1) AHS adopts a “Promoting Health” strategy.

(2) Health services address unjust and avoidable differences in health outcomes within and between populations.

(3) Social and preventative factors are identified routinely, addressed compassionately and follow-up is coordinated seamlessly with community partners.

Indigenous Health

Strategic Goals and Action Areas

Truth and Reconciliation:

  1. Implement the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada: Calls to Action through respectful engagement with Indigenous Peoples.
  2. Address jurisdictional barriers, including processes and systems, between the federal and provincial government, AHS (including zones) and Indigenous communities that impede health services.

Transform Health Services and Systems:

  1. Close the health status gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples.
  2.  Eliminate racism in the health care system.
  3. Align and support primary health care in Indigenous communities.
  4.  Identify and enhance equitable access to health services for all Indigenous peoples.
  5. Working collaboratively to address Determinants of Indigenous People’s Health.
  6. Reduce health inequities rooted in the determinants of health.
  7. Work with communities to build on local capacity to identify and measure health (including self-reported measures), set priorities and monitor progress in order to close the health status gap.
  8. Collaborate with Indigenous communities to recognize, understand and address the impact of the determinants of their health and well-being.
  9. Connect Indigenous leadership and people with opportunities to create safe, healthy and sustainable community environments.

Studentship proposals are expected to demonstrate/articulate how the research/area of study proposed is relevant to one or more specific strategic goals or action areas of the PPIH SCN™. For additional information or clarification of the key areas for the PPIH SCN™, please contact Dr. Melissa Potestio at Melissa.Potestio@albertahealthservices.ca.

Five PPIH SCNTM Summer Studentship Awards will be offered. Successful applicants will receive a stipend of $1,500/month, for a maximum of 4 months, during the summer of 2018 ($6,000.00 total maximum per applicant). Matched funding is encouraged; however, not a requirement. Additional funding from PPIH SCNTM will not be provided in excess of $6,000/summer for a 4-month period. The total funding support for this award is $30,000.00 (up to five awards).

Student/Trainee Eligibility:

Primary applicant/student: Eligible undergraduate students must be enrolled as full- or part- time students in an accredited education program in a health-related discipline (e.g., health sciences, population and public health, implementation science, nursing, medicine, kinesiology, psychology, etc.) during the entire period of the award. Students need not be enrolled in an Alberta educational institution to be eligible; however, the summer research activities must be completed in Alberta.

Partner applicant/supervisor/mentor: Students must have a dedicated supervisor/mentor during the summer period. Supervisors/mentors are any academic/researcher from an Alberta educational institution with a clear demonstration of a rich environment for student training and links with the PPIH SCNTM.

Evaluation Criteria

A panel of researchers and core committee members from the PPIH SCNTM, and other SCNs (i.e., Assistant Scientific Directors) will review all applications based the following criteria:

  • The scientific quality of the research project.
  • Appropriateness, relevance and potential impact in relation to the strategic goals and priority action areas of the PPIH SCNTM.
  • The training environment in which the student will carry out their research project.
  • The student's academic record.
  • Special accomplishments or attributes relevant to the competition.

Application Deadline and Notification of Award

Intent to apply deadline is December 21, 2017. Please email Meissa.Potestio@albertahealthservices.ca with the student’s name, academic institution and proposed title for the research study to indicate your intent to apply.

Full Application deadline is February 2, 2018 by 4pm MT. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered. Notification of award will be sent to successful students and their supervisors by March 15, 2018.

Required documents

  1. Application Form (see attached)
  2. Applicant’s CV (4-page maximum)
  3. Supervisor’s CV (4-page maximum)
  4. Official Transcripts (all years of completed Undergraduate work)
  5. One letter of reference (may be from the supervisor)
  6. Supervisor’s letter of support

Reporting Requirements

  • A final report 30 days after completion of the award. This report will include a description of the research activities performed, summary of the findings, and planned dissemination activities (e.g. presentations, manuscripts etc.).
  • PPIH SCNTM Summer Studentship Award recipients will be invited to present the results of their summer project to the PPIH SCN™ Core Committee.

Other Terms of Reference

  • Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.
  • All publications, including public messages, arising from the PPIH SCNTM Summer Studentship Award must acknowledge the support of AHS and the PPIH SCNTM.
  • Successful students cannot accept more than one summer studentship regardless of the funding source.
  • Funds received cannot be used to pay university overhead costs.

Completed applications must be sent electronically in PDF format to Melissa Potestio at Melissa.Potestio@albertahealthservices.ca no later than February 2, 2018 at 4:00PM MT.

Successful applicants will be notified no later than by March 15, 2018. For more information contact:

Melissa Potestio PhD Interim Scientific Director

Population, Public and Indigenous Health Strategic Clinical NetworkTM

Melissa.Potestio@albertahealthservices.ca Phone: (403) 690-4721

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