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Grant Title Deadlinesort ascending Summary
GlycoNet Request for Proposals - Cycle II Deadline Passed
(June 27, 2018)
GlycoNet is a Network of Centres of Excellence (NCE) that focuses on the role of glycans (carbohydrates) in health. Areas of focus are therapeutic proteins & vaccines, antimicrobials and chronic...
Seeding Food for Innovation Grants 2018 Deadline Passed
(June 22, 2018)
George Weston Limited and Loblaw Companies Limited are pleased to announce the Seeding Food Innovation Grant 2018 grant program. This program provides seed funding for interdisciplinary research or...
AGRI Major Grants Deadline Passed
(June 22, 2018)
The Alberta Gambling Research Institute (AGRI) Major Grants program supports curiosity-driven basic research in pursuing AGRI's mission "to facilitate evidence-based broad research that informs...
Veteran and Family Well-Being Fund Deadline Passed
(June 4, 2018)
The Veteran and Family Well-Being Fund provides grants and contributions to private, public or academic organizations to conduct research and implement initiatives and projects that support the well-...
SSHRC Partnership Engage Grants Deadline Passed
(June 4, 2018)
Partnership Engage Grants are expected to respond to the objectives of the Insight program and the Connection program. They provide short-term and timely support for partnered research activities...
AB Innovates Bitumen Beyond Combustion Deadline Passed
(June 2, 2018)
Through the BBC Open Call 2018, Alberta Innovates is making available up to $2 million over two years and invites proposals that build on and extend the findings of the previous studies by producing...
Alberta Applied Agricultural Genomics Program (A3GP) Deadline Passed
(May 8, 2018)
In partnership with the Alberta Agriculture and Forestry Department (AAF), Genome Alberta is pleased to announce the launch of the Alberta Applied Agricultural Genomics Program (A3GP). This funding...
AB Human Rights Project Grants Deadline Passed
(May 4, 2018)
The Alberta Human Rights Commission offers Human Rights Project grants for non-profit organizations or public institutions to help make changes so that all Albertans have the opportunity to...
Killam Research Fellowship Deadline Passed
(May 1, 2018)
The Killam Research Fellowships are release time awards that provide support to scholars of exceptional ability who are engaged in research projects of broad significance and widespread interest...
Alberta Innovates Clean Technology Development Program Deadline Passed
(April 30, 2018)
Alberta Innovates, on behalf of Economic Development & Trade, is offering the Clean Technology Development Program. The program supports research, applied research, and development of novel clean...
Distinguished Service Awards Deadline Passed
(April 26, 2018)
The Archaeological Society of Alberta (ASA) recognizes members that have made exceptional contributions to the society by awarding them the Distinguished Service Award. Awarded annually.
SAGE (Secondary Analysis for Generating Evidence) Deadline Passed
(April 20, 2018)
SAGE (Secondary Analysis to Generate Evidence) is a collaborative data repository platform that connects stakeholders through secondary use of data. Research data, community service data, and...
Robert L Nobel Award Deadline Passed
(April 18, 2018)
The Robert L. Noble Prize is given for outstanding achievements in basic biomedical cancer research. It honours Dr Noble, an esteemed Canadian investigator whose research in the 1950s led to the...
O. Harold Warwick Prize Deadline Passed
(April 18, 2018)
The O. Harold Warwick Prize is given for outstanding achievements in cancer control research. It honours Dr Warwick, a pioneering researcher in cancer control and treatment, and the first executive...
William E Rawls Prize Deadline Passed
(April 18, 2018)
The William E. Rawls Prize is given to an early career investigator whose outstanding contributions have the potential to lead to, or have already led to important advances in cancer control. It...
Bernard and Francine Dorval Prize Deadline Passed
(April 18, 2018)
The Bernard and Francine Dorval Prize is given to an early career investigator whose outstanding contributions to basic biomedical research have the potential to lead, or have already led to improved...
Anthropology in Public Policy Award Deadline Passed
(April 7, 2018)
The American Anthropological Association’s Anthropology in Public Policy Award honors anthropologists whose work has had a significant, positive influence on the course of government decision-making...
COHT Research Award Deadline Passed
(March 31, 2018)
The Centre for Oral history and Tradition Research Award (COHTRA) aims to support Southern Alberta oral history research by University of Lethbridge faculty and their research teams, including...
Foreign Government Awards Program - Korea, 2018-2019 Deadline Passed
(March 21, 2018)
The Government of the Republic of Korea is offering scholarships at the Master’s and PhD level for study or research in a variety of fields including Korean studies, humanities, social sciences,...
NSERC CREATE Program Deadline Passed
(March 19, 2018)
The NSERC Collaborative Research and Training Experience (CREATE) Program supports the training of teams of highly qualified students and postdoctoral fellows from Canada and abroad through the...
Margaret Mead Award Deadline Passed
(March 15, 2018)
The Margaret Mead Award, offered jointly by the American Anthropological Association (AAA) and the Society for Applied Anthropology (SfAA), is presented to a younger scholar for a particular...
Margaret and James F. Pendergast Award Deadline Passed
(March 15, 2018)
The Margaret and James F. Pendergast award is awarded by the CAA to recognize exemplary contributions to Canadian archaeology by an avocational archaeologist.
Public Communications Awards Deadline Passed
(March 15, 2018)
The Canadian Archaeological Association (CAA) has presented annual awards to acknowledge outstanding contributions in communication that further insight and appreciation of Canadian Archaeology....
Roscoe Wilmeth Award for Service Deadline Passed
(March 15, 2018)
The Roscoe Wilmeth Award recognizes outstanding, long-term service by a CAA member to the Canadian Archaeological Association or to Canadian Archaeology. It is not necessarily awarded every year, and...
Franz Boas Award for Exemplary Service Deadline Passed
(March 1, 2018)
This award is presented annually by the Association to its members whose careers demonstrate extraordinary achievements that have well served the anthropological profession. Service to the...
AAA/Oxford University Press Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching of Anthropology Deadline Passed
(March 1, 2018)
This award is a prestigious, nomination-only, annual award for educators who have impacted the discipline through outstanding teaching and inspiration to their students. Successful teaching of...
Anthropology in Media Award (AIME) Deadline Passed
(March 1, 2018)
Established in 1987, the AIME recognizes successful communication of anthropology to the general public through the media. It seeks to honor those who have raised public awareness of anthropology and...
Robert B Textor and Family Prize for Excellence in Anticipatory Anthropology Deadline Passed
(March 1, 2018)
This is an annual prize given by the AAA to encourage and reward excellent contributions in the use of anthropological perspectives, theories, models and methods in an anticipatory mode. Such...
SSHRC Undergraduate Student Research Award Deadline Passed
(February 26, 2018)
The University of Lethbridge SSHRC Undergraduate Student Research Awards (USRAs) aim to encourage research and advance training of undergraduate students in all disciplines. The program facilitates...
NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award (USRA) - SUMMER TERM Deadline Passed
(February 26, 2018)
DEADLINE Extension – February 26, 2018 at 4:00pm The NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Awards (USRA) are meant to nurture your interest and fully develop your potential for a research career in...
Lake Winnipeg Basin Program Deadline Passed
(February 21, 2018)
Application-based funding is available through the Lake Winnipeg Basin Program for targeted, outcome focused actions. Projects will be aimed at reducing nutrients, enhancing collaboration and...
Alfred Vincent Kidder Award Deadline Passed
(February 15, 2018)
Established in 1950, the Alfred Vincent Kidder Award for Eminence in the Field of American Archaeology was given every two years to an outstanding archaeologist specializing in the archaeology of the...
Smith-Wintemberg Award Deadline Passed
(February 15, 2018)
The Smith-Wintemberg award is presented to honour professional members of the Canadian archaeological community who have made an outstanding contribution to the advancement of the discipline of...
SSHRC Impact Awards Deadline Passed
(February 9, 2018)
SSHRC Impact Awards are designed to build on and sustain Canada's research-based knowledge culture in the social sciences and humanities. The awards recognize outstanding researchers and celebrate...
Clean Growth in Natural Resource Sectors Program (CGP) Deadline Passed
(February 7, 2018)
Clean Growth in Natural Resource Sectors Program  Action on Clean Growth Clean growth is good for our planet and our pocketbooks. That is why we introduced the Clean Growth Program (CGP), which...
CIHR Project Grant Deadline Passed
(February 6, 2018)
The Project Grant program is designed to capture ideas with the greatest potential for important advances in fundamental or applied health-related knowledge, the health care system, and/or health...
Social Innovation Call for Proposals Deadline Passed
(February 5, 2018)
The Trans-Atlantic Platform has launched its 2018 Social Innovation Call for Proposals, which will support international projects that can contribute to increasing our understanding of societal...
Excellence in Public Education Award Deadline Passed
(January 31, 2018)
This award acknowledges excellence in the sharing of archaeological information with the public. These substantial contributions are made either through writing or speaking about archaeology,...
Weston Family Prize for Lifetime Achievement in Northern Research Deadline Passed
(January 31, 2018)
The Weston Family Prize for Lifetime Achievement in Northern Research celebrates extraordinary and inspiring individuals who have devoted their career to natural science research and have...
Flights and Fieldwork for the Advancement of Science and Technology (FAST) Deadline Passed
(January 15, 2018)
The Canadian Space Agency would like to inform you that the Flights and Fieldwork for the Advancement of Science and Technology (FAST) Announcement of Opportunity (AO) has been posted on its web site...
Killam Prize Deadline Passed
(January 5, 2018)
Killam Prizes are intended to honour distinguished Canadian scholars who have been engaged in research in universities, hospitals, research or scientific instit, or other. The prizes are funded...
L'Or'al-UNESCO Women Rising Talents Awards Deadline Passed
(December 19, 2017)
The L'Or'al Foundation-UNESCO Women in Science International Rising Talents awards were launched in 2015 to advance the careers of outstanding young women in science and offer them international...
The theme for Congress 2017 is "From Far and Wide: The Next 150." Deadline Passed
(December 19, 2017)
The CCHA invites proposals for scholarly papers, especially those dealing with the Congress theme as it relates to Canadian Catholic history, but papers dealing with any aspect of the history of the...
Alberta Health Services - Seed Grant Deadline Passed
(November 30, 2017)
Call for Applications - Maternal Newborn Child & Youth Strategic Clinical Network 2018 Seed Grant Competition The mission of the Maternal Newborn Child and Youth Strategic Clinical Network™ (MNCY...
Diabetes, Obesity & Nutrition Seed Grant Deadline Passed
(November 27, 2017)
The Diabetes, Obesity, & Nutrition Strategic Clinical Network (DON-SCN) is very pleased to announce the 2017-2018 Seed Grant funding competition. This opportunity is designed to allow researchers...
PolicyWise Valuing Mental Health Innovation and Integration Research Grant Competition Deadline Passed
(November 17, 2017)
The Addiction and Mental Health Strategic Clinical Network™ (AMH SCN™) is facilitating a research funding call that addresses identification of evidence-informed research practices and programs to...
Research Kickstarter Grants Deadline Passed
(November 17, 2017)
Alberta’s Tomorrow Project (ATP) is pleased to announce two Research Kickstarter grants ($10,000 each for 1 year), with funds administered by the Alberta Cancer Foundation. This program is for...
Networks of Centres of Excellence (NCE) Deadline Passed
(November 1, 2017)
The Networks of Centres of Excellence (NCE) Program invests in Canadian research and entrepreneurial talent to generate, translate and apply knowledge along the innovation continuum that will create...
ARDN Rural and Remote Homelessness Deadline Passed
(October 30, 2017)
The Alberta Rural Development Network (ARDN) is currently accepting funding applications from organizations interested in obtaining financial assistance to achieve activities specific to meeting the...
CIHR Fellowship Deadline Passed
(October 23, 2017)
Fellowships provide support for highly qualified applicants in all areas of health research at the post-PhD degree or post-health professional degree stages to add to their experience by engaging in...