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Alison Conroy
Admin Assistant
Phone: 403-329-2793 Email: U of L Directory
Emma Dering
University-Industry Liaison Office Coordinator
Phone: 403-332-4487 Email: U of L Directory Website
Penny D’Agnone
Grants Facilitator - Health & Medical Sciences
Phone: 403-382-7198 Email: Website
Susan Entz
Ethics Officer
Phone: 403-329-2747 Email: U of L Directory
Gillian Laird
Grants Facilitator - Natural Sciences & Engineering
Phone: 403-329-2101 Email: Website
Hector MacIntyre
Grants Facilitator - Social Science, Fine Arts & Humanities
Phone: 403-317-2869 Email: Website
Greg Vilk
University Industry Liaison Manager
Phone: 403-317-2860 Email: U of L Directory