Journal Club

Journal club for the spring of 2019 is being held on Friday afternoons (1:00-2:00 pm) in B756. The journal article being discussed will be announced at the beginning of the week.


January 11, 2019
Presenter: Dr. Govardhan Reddy Veerareddygari
Queiroz, R.M.L., Smith, T., Villanueva, E., Marti-Solano, M., Monti, M., Pizzinga, M., Mirea, D.-M., Ramakrishna, M., Harvey, R.F., Dezi, V., Thomas, G.H., Willis, A.E. and Lilley, K.S. (2019) Comprehensive identification of RNA–protein interactions in any organism using orthogonal organic phase separation (OOPS). Nature Biotechnology.