Pronghorn Athletics Marks

Following are visual identity guidelines for Pronghorn Athletics Marks. To access a full .pdf version of the Pronghorn Athletics Marks manual, please login to our Digital Assets Database.

The purpose of providing guidelines for the use of the Pronghorn graphics and marks is to maintain visual consistency through all communications and applications. This is essential in presenting a professional and unified identity that suggests quality and strength.

All intervarsity athletic teams of the University of Lethbridge are known as the “Pronghorns” or “Horns” for short. The use of the Pronghorn as the official symbol of the athletic program is a long standing tradition. Over the years, various alternative designs and logos have been used. These are protected by registration/copyright and may not be applied to commercial articles for resale without approval.

This manual serves as a guideline for the application of the Pronghorn Athletic identity. Retailers and manufactures wishing to use the images, graphics and logos of Pronghorn Athletics are invited to enter into licensing agreements. All products bearing the Pronghorn Athletics marks, such as uniforms, clothing, signage and merchandise, are subject to approval. The program is administered by Pronghorn Athletics. For further information contact Sandy Slavin, executive director of Pronghorn Athletics at 403-329-2380.


The Pronghorn Athletics logo shall be blue or gold with the accent color white. The logos may be used in various formats – in full color, in black on white, or on a solid background. The color breakdowns and color specifications are listed in this manual. It is important that these colors are matched. Substitute shades may not be used without approval, and then only when limitations of materials cannot be surmounted. Reversing the colors is not permitted.


All Pronghorn Athletic official competitive uniforms shall be predominately royal blue, gold or white with the only allowable accent colors being blue, gold, white or black. Production of uniforms and artwork on uniforms shall first be approved by the executive director.

What to Avoid

Do not substitute other typeface for the official University fonts.

Do not alter, stretch, rotate or skew the logo off-center.

Do not position the logo and wordmark in any other relation than the ones specified in this manual.

Do not change the lines or line weights in any way.

Do not remove or add any elements of the existing logos.

Do not use any previous versions of the Pronghorn logo without consent.

Do not hesitate to ask our assistance if you are unsure of how you are to proceed with an application of the Pronghorn Athletics names, marks, or identitity.

There are seven images for Horns Athletics that are approved by the University. They are as follows:

1. The pronghorn head with the Horns logotype below and the name of the University below that.

2. The pronghorn head with the Horns logotype below and no listing of the University.

3. The pronghorn head only.

4. The Horns logotype with the name of the University below.

5. The Horns logotype with the name of the University below and the name of the team below that.

6. The Horns logotype only.

7. The U of L acronym.

The colour for Horns Athletics identity is blue. The PMS number for pantone ink printing is 2738. The equivalent for four colour process printing (CMYK) is Cyan - 100%, Magenta - 87%, Black - 2%.

The official colours of the University of Lethbridge are blue and yellow. While the majority of the Horns' logos and marks are blue, yellow can be used as an accent or trim colour. The PMS number for pantone ink printing is 116. The equivalent for four colour process printing (CMYK) is Yellow - 100%, Magenta - 16%.