Extending a Postdoctoral Fellowship

The extension process is very similar to appointing a postdoctoral scholar and is as follows:

  1. The Faculty Supervisor completes and submits the Pre-Appointment Worksheet to the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs (PDA)
  2. PDA prepares  and sends to the Faculty Supervisor the Offer of Appointment (see Forms page for template examples)
  3. Faculty Supervisor submits to Postdoctoral Affairs for approval/signature by SGS and Postdoctoral Affairs Dean:
    1. Signed Offer of Appointment (signed by Faculty Supervisor, Department Chair, and Faculty Dean); and
    2. Completed Payroll Authorization Form - PDF Appointment/Extension (signed by Faculty Supervisor, Department Chair, Faculty Dean, and Financial Services for funding verification)
  4. PDA vets and approves the appointment request and provides the completed Offer of Appointment and Payroll Authorization Form - PDF Appointment/Extension to the Faculty Supervisor
  5. Faculty Supervisor makes offer to PDF candidate using the Offer of Appointment and Personal Information form
  6. Postdoctoral scholar candidate accepts the offer and provides the Faculty Supervisor with:
    1. Signed Offer of Appointment
    2. Completed Personal Information form
    3. Copy of her/his current work permit and SIN (international PDFs only, if available)
  7. Faculty Supervisor forward all documents to Postdoctoral Affairs
  8. PDA sends the appointment package to the PDF and notifies the Faculty Supervisor:
    1. Signed Offer of Appointment
    2. Completed Payroll Authorization Form - PDF Appointment/Extension
    3. Completed Personal Information form
  9. PDA sends originals for appointment package to Payroll Services (after work permit is received, if applicable).

More Information

Faculty supervisors are responsible for assembling a complete application package (consisting of the items identified above). Please allow up to ten business days between submission of the Pre-Appointment Worksheet to PDA and the issue of the Offer of Appointment to the Faculty Supervisor.

Complete appointment packages must be received by Payroll Services on or prior to the monthly cut-off dates set out by the Payroll Calendar for the month specified in the offer letter. Packages not received by Payroll deadlines will be delayed until the following month.

Supervisors who are recruiting an international postdoctoral scholar (foreign national) should contact PDA via email prior to initiating the appointment/extension paperwork.

For information regarding postdoctoral Fellows benefit and CPP/EI costs please visit the Extended Health Benefit Coverage page of the PDA website.

If you have any questions regarding extension of a current postdoctoral scholar, contact the PDA.

Re-Appointment Process