SPOR Knowledge Synthesis Grant

Operating Grant: SPOR PIHCI Network - Knowledge Synthesis Grants (2018)

The pan-Canadian SPOR Network in Primary and Integrated Health Care Innovations is a key CIHR initiative under the Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research and the Community-Based Primary Health Care Signature Initiative. 

The purpose of this funding opportunity is to support knowledge syntheses and scoping reviews, which are the cornerstone of knowledge translation. They transform vast libraries of scientific literature into knowledge that is reliable, relevant and readable for knowledge users (individuals who are likely to be able to use research results to make informed decisions about health policies, programs and/or practices). Research questions should be driven by the needs of policymakers to have evidence-informed decision making.

If you are interested in applying to this funding opportunity, please contact the Alberta SPOR PIHCIN Coordinator, Cliff Lindeman: clindema@ualberta.ca

Application Deadline: March 6, 2018

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Penny D'Agnone
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The total amount available from CIHR for this funding opportunity is $125,000, enough to fund approximately five grants. The maximum CIHR annual amount per grant is $25,000 for up to one year. Applicants must secure partner contribution from non-federal sources to match the CIHR contribution at a minimum of 1:1 ratio. Only one project may be funded per unique grouping/combination of jurisdictions. An exception will be made if funds are remaining after all fundable applications with unique grouping/combinations of jurisdictions are funded.
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Tuesday, March 6, 2018
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