SEED Grants

The Seed multiple sclerosis (MS) research projects focused on neuroprotection and repair. There has been a growing interest in alternative approaches for treating neurological conditions. NeuroCAM (neuroscience + complementary and alternative modalities) has often been dismissed as a treatment option due to an absence of credible scientific research investigating the efficacy of "CAM", not because it has been proven ineffective. Branch Out Neurological Foundation seeks to fill this gap in the scientific literature by funding innovative and high-quality research that explores nutraceuticals, mind-body and personalized medicine as it relates to the nervous system. In doing so, we believe that supporting neuroCAM research conducted at the highest scientific standards will generate reliable data for physicians and patients, allowing for informed decisions about all potential treatment options.

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Branch Out Neurological Foundation
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Penny D'Agnone
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Tuesday, January 31, 2017
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