2014 Grants and Contracts

Faculty research is supported by provincial, national, and international agencies and foundations. In 2014, the U of L received the following new funding (listed alphabetically by funding agency):

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Alberta Cancer Foundation

Award Recipient Supervisor Department
Dr. Cyril M. Kay Graduate Studentship Anna Kovalchuk Bryan Kolb Neuroscience


Alberta Centre for Child, Family and Community Research

Award Recipient Department/Faculty Project Title Value
Investigator-driven Small Grant Jennifer Copeland Kinesiology Active Parks in Alberta Communities Project $39,976
Seed Grant Cheryl Currie Health Sciences Assessing the Feasibility of an Aboriginal Community-led health centre in Lethbridge $10,000
Seed Grant Claudia Malacrida Sociology Exploring Birth Choices in Cultural Context: A Case Study of Red Deer, Alberta $10,000
Seed Grant David Slomp Education Alberta Writes 3 $10,000


Alberta endMS Network

Award Recipient Department Project Title Value Team
Pilot Grant Gerlinde Metz Neuroscience Perinatal Programming of Multiple Sclerosis $30,000 Tony Montina, Igor Kovalchuk


Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development

Stewart Rood Biological Sciences Red Deer River Floodplain Project $67,200


Alberta Foundation for the Arts

Award Recipient Department Project Title Value
Individual Artists Grant Janet Youngdahl Music Sacred songs of Baroque composer Barbara Strozzi $6,000


Alberta Gambling Research Institute

Award Recipient Department Project Value
Small Grant Aaron Gruber Neuroscience Preliminary Investigation of Loss Sensitivity $10,000


Alberta Innovates Health Solutions

Award Recipient Department Project Value Notes
Collaborative Research & Innovation Opportunities Gerlinde Metz Neuroscience Medicines for remyelination in multiple sclerosis: The next frontier TBA Project letd by Voon Wee Yong (U of C)
Graduate Studentship Brett Himmler Neuroscience Playful experiences and the well-adjusted brain Supervisor: Sergio Pellis
Summer Studentship Alycia Amatto Chemistry & Biochemistry $5,600 max. Supervisor: Ute Wieden-Kothe
Summer Studentship Quinn Daviduck Chemsitry & Biochemistry $5,600 max. Supervisor: H.J. Wieden
Summer Studentship Brian Ficiur Neuroscience $5,600 max. Supervisor: Gerlinde Metz
Summer Studentship Douglas Kiss Neuroscience $5,600 max. Supervisor: Gerlinde Metz
Summer Studentship Claire Niehaus Neuroscience $5,600 max. Supervisor: Robbin Gibb
Summer Studentship Scott Wong Neuroscience $5,600 max. Supervisor: Aaron Gruber


Alberta Innovates Technology Futures

Award Recipient Department Project Value
geekStarter Robert Benkoczi Math & Computer Science Microsoft Imagine Cup 2014 $3,000
geekStarter Howard Cheng Math & Computer Science Association for Computing Machinery International Computer Programming contest 2014 $14,000
geekStarter H.J. Wieden Chemistry & Biochemistry 2014 iGEM Collegiate Competition $35,000
Strategic Networking and Development Program Ute Wieden-Kothe Chemistry & Biochemistry 10th Annual RiboWest conference $10,000


Alberta Livestock and Meat Agency Ltd.

Award Recipient Department Project Value Notes
Contract Brent Selinger Biological Sciences Automated, Rapid Detection and Identification or Rule-out of High Priority Influenza Viruses $196,000 Co-investigator Dr. Oliver Lung (ADRI)


American Institute of Bisexuality

Award Recipient Department Project Value
Grant JB Leca Psychology Bisexual behaviour in male mona monkeys living in mixed-sex and all-male groups $8,890



Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Award Recipient Department/Faculty Project Value
Bridge Funding Olga Kovalchuk Biological Sciences Molecular mechanisms of sex differences in radiatin responses: An in-depth analysis $100,000
Partnership Development Funds Planning Grant Bonnie Lee Health Sciences Counselling the relational unit in addiction treatment $22,418


Canadian Space Agency

Award Recipient Department Project Value
Contract David Naylor Physics & Astronomy SPIRE $464,000
Contract David Naylor Physics & Astronomy SPICA Safari Study $103,318




Award Recipient Department Project Value
Accelerate grant Robbin Gibb Neuroscience Child strength: Supporting children, families, and communities through executive function and early literacy strategies $30,000 Team includes Bryan Kolb & Noella Piquette. Social partner is Barons Eureka Warner Family Community Social Supports.



National Endowment for the Humanities

Recipient Department Project Value
Janet Youngdahl Music American Academy in Rome $4,000


Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC)

Award Recipient Department Project Value Notes
Engage grant Chris Hopkinson Geography LiDAR portal development $24,785 industrial partner: GranDuke Geomatics
Discovery Grant Theresa Burg Biological Sciences Evolution of High Latitude Birds
Discovery Grant Larry Flanagan Biological Sciences Acclimation of plants and ecosystems to warmer temperatures and altered precipitation $170,000
Discovery Grant Daya Gaur Math & Computer Science Approximation Algorithms for NP-hard Optimization Problems $100,000
Discovery Grant Paul Hazendonk Chemistry & Biochemistry Solid-State NMR of Complex Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Materials
Discovery Grant Alice Hontela Biological Sciences The role of cortisol in the physiological response to toxicants in fish $26,000
Discovery Grant Andrew Iwaniuk Neuroscience The behavioural ecology of the brain: integrating evolution, behaviour and neuroscience $355,000
Discovery Grant Ute Wieden-Kothe Chemistry & Biochemistry Function and mechanism of RNA modification $205,000
Discovery Grant Olga Kovalchuk Biological Sciences Fundamental molecular mechanisms of low dose radiation effects $35,000
Discovery Grant Gerlinde Metz Neuroscience Experience-dependent Compensation and Brain Plasticity $245,000
Discovery Grant Adriana Predoi-Cross Physics & Astronomy Merging Complementary Techniques in Laboratory Spectroscopy for Remote Sensing Applications $145,000
Discovery Grant Gongbing Shan Kinesiology & Physical Education Development of new biomechanical feedback tools for improving human motor skill learning and training $165,000
Discovery Grant Locke Spencer Physics & Astronomy Imaging the Universe in the Far-Infrared $22,000
Discovery Grant Accelerator Supplement Andrew Iwaniuk Neuroscience The behavioural ecology of the brain: integrating evolution, behaviour and neuroscience
Research Tools & Instruments H.J. Wieden Chemistry & Biochemistry Preparative ultracentrifuge for the study of ribonucleoprotein complexes, their structure, function and rational engineering


NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Awards

Each award is valued at $,5625

Recipient Supervisor Department
Ian Andrews H.J. Wieden Chemistry & Biochemistry
Jessica Baedke Tony Russell Biological Sciences
Jonathan Burns Yllias Chali Math & Computer Science
Rachael Chan H.J. Wieden Chemsitry & Biochemistry
Kathrina Chief Moon-Riley Gerlinde Metz Neuroscience
Henrique De Sa Ellwanger Masami Tatsuno Physics & Astronomy
Andrew Dickson Stephen Wismath Math & Computer Science
Elijah Dueck Ute Wieden-Kothe Chemistry & Biochemistry
Hannah Dyer Steven Mosimann Chemistry & Biochemistry
Kai Fender Hadi Kharaghani Math & Computer Science
Rebecca Friesen Andy Hurly Biological Sciences
Courteney Hamilton Locke Spencer Physics & Astronomy
Mieke Heyns Olga Kovalchuk Biological Sciences
Carrie Kibblewhite Abbas Momeni Math & Computer Science
Adam Lefaivre Locke Spencer Physics & Astronomy
Erica Nordin David Euston Neuroscience
Erica Paxman Masami Tatsuno Neuroscience
Joshua Pepneck Matthew Tata Neuroscience
Matthew Robbins Saurya Das Physics & Astronomy
Hannah Scott Igor Kovalchuk Biological Sciences
Douglas Turnbull Michael Gerken Chemistry & Biochemistry
Alex Wall Stephen Wismath Math & Computer Science
Samuel Woodman Gregory Pyle Biological Sciences



Parkland Institute Faculty Research Grant

Recipient Department Project Value Team
Jon Doan Kinesiology Wellness amongst rural daycare workers $4,995 Robbin Gibb (Neuroscience), Olu Awosoga (Health Sciences)



Recipient Department Project Value
Jennifer Copeland Kinesiology & Physical Education Canadian Assessment of Physical Literarcy through the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) $43,396



Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council

Award Recipient Department Project Value Notes
Partnership Grant Ivan Townshend Geography Rural Policy Learning Commons: Building rural policy through international comparative analysis TBD Project led by Brandon University


Sport Science Association of Alberta

Recipient Department Project Value
Gongbing Shan Kinesiology Biomechanical quantification of full-body kinematics of forehand overhead smash in badminton and parameters related to smash quality $14,200



Trout Unlimited

Recipient Department Project Value
Andy Hurly Biological Sciences Trout Behaviour $2,000



University of Lethbridge: Chinook Summer Research Award

Each award is valued at $5,625

Recipient Supervisor Department
Alicia Briggs Aaron Gruber Neuroscience
Jordan Cramer Adriana Predoi-Cross Physics & Astronomy
Dominic Czekay Ute Wieden-Kothe Chemistry & Biochemistry
Rebecca Deutsch Susan McDaniel Prentice Institute/Sociology
Meagan Fullerton-Lee Abigail McMeekin Modern Languages
Nathaniel Grigg Andrew Iwaniuk Neuroscience
Chris Hansen Ivan Townshend/Ian MacLachlan Geography
Ashley Hendrickson Lynn Kennedy History
Erik Hopkins David Euston Neuroscience
Chris Isaac H.J. Wieden Chemsitry & Biochemistry
Sara-Lynn Pelegrin David Euston Neuroscience
Mike Ramsey Michelle Helstein Kinesiology
Ryan Rideout Soroosh Yazdani Math & Computer Science
Jasmine Saler Carly Adams Kinesiology
Jeremy Scott Locke Spencer Physics & Astronomy
Geoffrey Sitwell Locke Spencer Physics & Astronomy
Taylor Thomas Trevor Harrison Sociology
Kai Thompson Harold Jansen Political Science
Corina Van den Berg Bonnie Lee Health Sciences


University of Lethbridge: Community of Research Excellence Development Opportunity (CREDO) grant

Recipient Department/Faculty Project Title Value Notes
Kim Mair Sociology Verminous house guests, lazy dogs and the good citizen: The biopolitics of care in WWII Britain $10,972
Carmen Mombourquette Education Leadership for learning: The Principal, teacher student learning, and assessment connections $23,000 Team includes: David Slomp & Richelle Marynowski


University of Lethbridge: Health Research Accelerator Fund

Recipient Department Project Title Value
Aaron Gruber Neuroscience Electrophysiological recording in Lateral Habenula $10,000
Artur Luczak Neuroscience Increasing cortical plasticity and improving stroke recovery by modifying brain synchronization $10,000
Gerlinde Metz Neuroscience Using metabolomic biomarkers to predict risk of mental illness $10,000
Monique Sedgwick Health Sciences A quasi-experimental study exploring the relationship between the use of mobile technologies, walking distance, and clinical decision-making among rural hospital nurses $10,000
Ute Wieden-Kothe Chemistry & Biochemistry Cellular and biochemical studies of pseudouridine formation during the early steps of ribosome formation in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae $10,000


University of Lethbridge: Internal SSHRC Grant

Recipient Department Project Title Value
Gideon Fujiwara History Modern Tohoku Regionalism and Japanese Nationalism
Inge Genee Modern Languages Representing Blackfoot verbs in a digital database
Lynn Kennedy History Courtship and marriage in the Antebellum South
Richelle Marynowski Education Assessment and grading practices in outreach schools
Dan O'Donnell English The New Humanities: The place and practice of the Humanities in an age of ubiquitous computing
David Slomp Education Establishing the Canadian Institute for Writing and Rhetoric


University of Lethbridge: Research Dissemination Grant

Recipient Department Project Title Value
Chris Epplett History Animal Spectacles of the Roman Empire $2,000
Suzanne Lenon Women & Gender Studies $2,000
Claudia Malacrida Sociology $2,000
Kevin McGeough Geography The Ancient Near East in the 19th Century (3 volumes) $2,000


University of Lethbridge: SSHRC Student Training Grant

Recipient Department Project Value
Yale Belanger Native American Studies Assessing Rural Homelessnes in Southern Alberta $5,000
Kiki Benzon English Text and Affect: Mental Illness and Contemporary Literature $9,976.08
Anne Dymond Art Gaming Art History $4,992
Inge Genee Modern Languages A Multimedia Digital Repository for the Blackfoot Language $9,990
Claudia Gonzalez / Robbin Gibb Kinesiology / Neuroscience Validating a Motor Intervention to Enhance Executive Function $5,000
Heidi MacDonald History Oral Histories of Southern Alberta $9,425
Claudia Malacrida Sociology The Discursive Culture of Childbirth and Choice in Alberta $10,000
Dan O'Donnell English The Visionary Cross Project (Phase 2) $10,000


University of Lethbridge: University of Lethbridge Research Fund

Recipient Department/Faculty Project Title Value
Olu Awosoga Health Sciences Health status of daycare workers in southern Alberta $11,769
Theresa Burg Biological Sciences Conservation and population genetics of yellow-nosed albatross $6,000
Paul Hayes Chemistry & Biochemistry New Rare Earth Metal Functionalities $6,000
Habiba Kadiri Math & Computer Science Zero densities for the Riemann zeta function and applications to prime counting functions $6,000
Hadi Kharaghani Math & Computer Science Mutually Unbiased Partial Hadamard Matrices and Association Scheme $6,000
Heather Ladd English The Book Trade on the London Stage, 1690-1790 $6,000
Gabriela Novotna Health Sciences Environmental Scan of Knowledge Translation in the Integrated Addiction and Mental Health Service Model in Alberta $6,000
Jackie Rice Math & Computer Science Code Quality, Comprehension and Aesthetics $6,000
Behnam Seyed Mahmoud Physics & Astronomy Tidal instability of the Earth’s fluid core and the Earth’s magnetic field $6,000
Mickey Vallee Sociology Resisting regulation: A moral regulations approach to Canadian Content $5,000
Stacey Wetmore Chemistry & Biochemistry Understanding the Effects of DNA Damage: A Combined Computational and Experimental Study $12,000
Ute Wieden-Kothe Chemistry & Biochemistry How are target sites in RNA selected for modification? $6,000
Janet Youngdahl Music Pin Cushion Wit in the Drawing Room: Songs of Social Satire by Nineteenth-Century Women Composers. $6,000
John Zhang Math & Computer Science Enhancing Content-Based Music Genre Classification through Feature Selections and Entropies $6,000



Western Northwestern Region Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing

Award Recipient Faculty Project Value
Graduate Research Award Em Pijl-Zeiber Health Sciences Achievement of Community Health Nursing Competencies through Undergraduate Clinical Experiences: A Gap Analysis $2,500