Travel Immunizations

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If you are considering travelling Break, now is the time to start your travel planning!

Consider the issues that you need to address before leaving Canada. Because health concerns are rapidly changing in some areas of the world, the best way to get travel health and immunization information is to book an appointment with the Travel Health Nurse at Public Health (for Lethbridge call 403.388.6666).

While there is a cost for this consultation, this person has the most current information on the immunizations needed in your specific travel area. At that appointment the nurse will ask where you are going and using the latest information available from Center for Disease Control/World Health Organization, may direct you to a variety of injections, vaccinations or medication. Some of these medications will be available through Public Health and the nurse may direct other medications or vaccinations to be done by your family doctor.

The sooner you book your appointment the better as some vaccinations take several months to complete!!!   Do not show up at a physician’s appointment expecting that a family physician will know what you need for a trip to an exotic locale. It is expected that you build the cost of Public Health Travel Advice (currently $35.00), the cost of some medications/immunizations, doctor’s visits and other costs into the cost of your trip. You will be required to pay for all visits related to travel health (even your physician must charge YOU, not Alberta Health Care for your travel medication/immunization/health advice).