Residence Security

Shared Responsibility for Security

The security of Student Housing also depends upon residents working together with Housing Services to promote a safety-conscious community. See Security Services.

Residents are expected to be vigilant about security, by keeping room or suite doors locked at all times. It is not acceptable to prop doors open and you should not allow non-residents to come through residence doors when you enter or leave.

Liability for Personal Property

The University, Housing Services and ORS does not assume any responsibility for personal property, lost, stolen or damaged from any cause.

Protecting Your Property 

Single Students are advised to arrange insurance to personal property through an insurance agent. (Be sure to check with your parent's insurance provider as some policies cover children attending post-secondary institutions).  Families residing in the Family Townhomes are required to obtain renter’s insurance.  Family tenants are responsible to provide a policy copy to the Housing Services Office (C420) within 10 days of move-in.