Inspection Checklist - Families

For All University Residences

See UofL Residence Recommended Cleaning Supplies

Bedrooms Clean bedrooms
  • Wash closet shelf
  • Wash walls and windows
  • Vacuum windowsill, window screen and floor
BathroomsClean and sanitize the bathroom in the suite. Please don't use abrasive cleansers.
  • Scrub tub, sink, counter and toilet
  • Wash walls and floors and drawers
  • Wipe all soap residue off fixtures when complete
  • Clean vent in bathroom ceiling

Clean the kitchen area in suites

  • Empty and wash out fridge
  • Clean stove (oven and burners)
  • Scrub sink and counter
  • Wipe shelves, drawers and cupboards
  • Sweep and wash floor (under and behind fridge and stove)
Common areasLiving rooms, hallways, storage areas
  • Vacuum carpets
  • Wash walls and windows
  • Vacuum windowsill, window screen
LightbulbsAll light bulbs must be working. Please replace all bulbs or charges will be assessed.
  • Floor lamps use tri-light bulbs
  • Regular light bulbs should be 60 watt
CarpetsCarpets must be cleaned
  • If you rent a carpet cleaner please provide the receipt as proof to Housing Services.
  • Be sure to use designated cleaning solutions as set out with the device you rent.