The School of Graduate Studies Action Plan

As a Comprehensive Academic and Research Institute in the Province of Alberta, the academic and research portfolios at the University of Lethbridge are mutually supportive and fundamentally interconnected. Thus, the University of Lethbridge Academic Plan and the University of Lethbridge Strategic Research Plan together form a strategic overlay to inform and support our Directions for Graduate Education

The Strategic Research Plan highlights the importance of excellence in graduate student research, creative activity, and professional training as foundational aspects of our core function and mission as a comprehensive university. The Academic Plan likewise highlights the priority of exemplary research experiences for graduate students across the disciplines, the importance of academic quality in our graduate programs, and a commitment to cultivate an enriching and multifaceted graduate experience for our students.

Supported by this broader strategic overlay, our Directions for Graduate Education are operationalized through the School of Graduate Studies Academic Unit Plan. To that end, the School of Graduate Studies Academic Unit Plan shall annually identify, update, and articulate specific operational initiatives, projects, and programs which clearly and directly advance our Directions for Graduate Education and the four strategic objectives:

  1. Strategic growth and diversification
  2. Vibrant graduate student culture
  3. Comprehensive graduate experience
  4. Supportive organizational environment

The School of Graduate Studies Academic Unit Plan shall also identify metrics and report on outcomes required for assessing progress and success in achieving these strategic objectives.