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The Faculty of Fine Arts often receives opportunities from businesses, clubs, and other organizations about grants and award opportunities. Check back to this page often -- it will be updated throughout the year with each new opportunity as it is received.
If you have an opportunity that is open to our Fine Arts students, please forward the details to finearts@uleth.ca

The Megan Newton Memorial Award in Theatre

Amount (for 2019): $1,100
Application Deadline: September 30, 2019

About Megan and the award: Megan was an artist/set designer/stage manager/crafter and theatre adminis-trator at large. She earned her BFA in Theatre from the University of Victoria (BC), with a specialty in produc-tion management and design, and became Operations Manager at Intrepid Theatre in Victoria. A firm believer in helping emerging artists, Megan established and curated the YOU SHOW for Intrepid Theatre, as an out-reach program for artists wanting to road-test original new works in front of an audience. Many YOU shows have gone on to great success on the Fringe and national touring circuits due in large part to Megan’s vision and support. For Uno Fest, she created the annual Monobrow Cabaret.
Meg was always ready to lend advice and guidance to artists and companies navigating the perils of their first full scale public production. Her work to create the YOU Show and Monobrow manifested her affinity for “the little guy”, as well as her belief in the importance of giving people a chance to use and develop their talents – and her respect for those who risk their bets and their sweat on their dreams.
Megan’s life was cut short by melanoma shortly after her 30th birthday. She stared terminal cancer in the face and never flinched, and in this – as in so many things – she was inspirational to everyone who knew her. The Megan Newton Memorial Fund has been set up by Meg’s family and colleagues to honour - and we hope, to help perpetuate - her spirit, resourcefulness, and deep love for theatre.

Detailed criteria, application form, etc. are available on the website - Megan Newton Memorial Fund & Award for Students in Theatre.

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