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FREN 1000ABeginners' French IFrancine Young
FREN 1000L1FREN 1000 Lab 1Francine Young
FREN 1100ABeginners' French IIClementine Limes
FREN 1100BBeginners' French IIMelanie Collado
FREN 1100L1FREN 1100 Lab 1 (For A)Clementine Limes
FREN 1100L2FREN 1100 Lab 2 (For B)Melanie Collado
FREN 1500AIntermediate Language ISylvie Volia Lebon
FREN 1500L1FREN 1500 Lab 1Sylvie Volia Lebon
FREN 2000AIntermediate Language IIFrancine Young
FREN 2000L1FREN 2000 Lab 1Francine Young
FREN 2250XFrench ImmersionMelanie Collado
FREN 2300AIntroduction to Modern Literature and Literary AnalysisBeth Gerwin
FREN 2700ACommunication ecrite et oraleAlain Takam
FREN 3001AAdvanced Language ISteven Urquhart
FREN 3100ASurvey of Pre-Revolutionary French LiteratureTabitha Spagnolo
FREN 3200ACentralism and Pluralism in Contemporary FranceMelanie Collado
FREN 3850AFrench for BusinessAlain Takam
FREN 4001AAdvanced Language IIBeth Gerwin
FREN 4600AEarly Modern Love and FriendshipTabitha Spagnolo
JPNS 1100ABeginners' Japanese IIYukiko Yoshizumi
JPNS 1100L1JPNS 1100 Lab 1Yukiko Yoshizumi
JPNS 2000AIntermediate Language IIYukiko Yoshizumi
JPNS 2000L1JPNS 1000 Lab 1Yukiko Yoshizumi
LING 2600AIntroduction to Linguistics II: Morphology, Syntax and SemanticsConor Snoek
LING 4850AMaking Online Resources for Indigenous Languages/NAS 4850Inge Genee
SPAN 1000ABeginners' Spanish IOmar Rodriguez
SPAN 1000BBeginners' Spanish IBrent Devos
SPAN 1000CBeginners' Spanish ILuz Ospina
SPAN 1100ABeginners' Spanish IILuz Ospina
SPAN 1100BBeginners' Spanish IILuz Ospina
SPAN 1500AIntermediate Language IRaquel Trillia
SPAN 2000AIntermediate Language IIBrent Devos
SPAN 2250XSpanish ImmersionBrent Devos
SPAN 2300AIntroduction to Hispanic Literature and Literary AnalysisOmar Rodriguez
SPAN 3001AAdvanced LanguageRaquel Trillia