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FREN 10001FREN 1000 Lab 1 (For A)Beth Gerwin
FREN 1000ABeginners' French IBeth Gerwin
FREN 11001FREN 1100 Lab 1Francine Young
FREN 1100ABeginners' French IIFrancine Young
FREN 15001FREN 1500 Lab 1 (For A)Tabitha Spagnolo
FREN 15002FREN 1500 Lab 2 (For B)Sylvie Volia Lebon
FREN 1500AIntermediate Language ITabitha Spagnolo
FREN 1500BIntermediate Language ISylvie Volia Lebon
FREN 20001FREN 2000 Lab 1Francine Young
FREN 2000AIntermediate Language IIFrancine Young
FREN 20011FREN 2001 Lab 1Melanie Collado
FREN 2001AIntermediate Language for Immersion GraduatesMelanie Collado
FREN 2200ACulture and Civilization ITabitha Spagnolo
FREN 2300AIntroduction to Modern Literature and Literary AnalysisMelanie Collado
FREN 3001AAdvanced Language ISteven Urquhart
FREN 34501FREN 3450 Lab 1Alain Takam
FREN 3450APhonetics and DictionAlain Takam
FREN 3600AFrench Language PoetryBeth Gerwin
FREN 4002AComparative Stylistics and TranslationAlain Takam
HPST 3800ASoap Operas and Boleros: Melodramas in Latin AmericaOmar Rodriguez
JPNS 10001JPNS 1000 Lab 1Yukiko Yoshizumi
JPNS 10002JPNS 1000 Lab 2Yukiko Yoshizumi
JPNS 1000ABeginners' Japanese IYukiko Yoshizumi
JPNS 1000BBeginners' Japanese IYukiko Yoshizumi
JPNS 15001JPNS 1500 Lab 1Yukiko Yoshizumi
JPNS 1500AIntermediate Language IYukiko Yoshizumi
LING 2300AIntroduction to Linguistics I: Phonetics and PhonologyInge Genee
LING 36001LING 3600 Lab 1Inge Genee
LING 3600APractical PhoneticsInge Genee
SPAN 1000ABeginners' Spanish IOmar Rodriguez
SPAN 1000BBeginners' Spanish IDiana Letts
SPAN 1000CBeginners' Spanish IRaquel Trillia
SPAN 1000DBeginners' Spanish ILuz Ospina
SPAN 1100ABeginners' Spanish IILuz Ospina
SPAN 1500AIntermediate Language IBrent Devos
SPAN 2000AIntermediate Language IIBrent Devos
SPAN 21001SPAN 2100 Lab 1Luz Ospina
SPAN 2100AFundamentals of Spanish CommunicationLuz Ospina
SPAN 3100ASurvey of Literature from Spain and Spanish AmericaRaquel Trillia