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  • Liberate Your Mind!

    Liberal Education is about the ‘Big Picture.’ At the U of L it means breadth. You study in your major area of interest and you also learn about various other disciplines in order to become a well-rounded and well-educated person.

    But that isn’t all. Liberal Education also means making connections between areas of knowledge and learning to integrate knowledge into a coherent whole. It means developing good thinking and reasoning skills so that you will not be stuck blindly following authority, dogma or fashion.

    Liberal education emphasizes rationality, careful skepticism, asking questions and making informed decisions.


  • It aims to foster good citizenship by cultivating important values such as toleration, equality and civic engagement. A liberal education is one that challenges, enlarges and liberates the mind through the careful and critical examination of ideas. It emphasizes mastery of thought and communication, so that liberally educated individuals can contribute through their life and work to the good of our collective communities, on all scales from the local to the global.

    The skills and abilities gained through a liberal education include critical, analytic and synthetic thinking, good problem-solving skills, effective writing and communication, and the capability to work collaboratively. These are skills that employers want and society needs.


  • Not sure what to take at University? Start your university education off right with Liberal Education 1000. This is a course that distills and concentrates the undergraduate university experience: think of it as "University 101"! It is a slice of the whole university in a single course, and a chance to develop all the skills you will need to do well at university.

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