Below is a course list for the Spring semester of 2016.

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AGST 1000AThe Evolution of AgricultureManju Acharya
AGST 33001AGST 3300 Lab 1Jeff Davidson
AGST 3300AModelling of Agricultural SystemsJeff Davidson
ECON 10101ECON 1010 Lab 1 (For Calgary)Mahmood Zarrabi
ECON 1010AIntroduction to MicroeconomicsDonna Townley
ECON 1010BIntroduction to MicroeconomicsDanny Le Roy
ECON 1010CIntroduction to MicroeconomicsMichael Lanyi
ECON 1010DIntroduction to MicroeconomicsKurt Klein
ECON 1010YIntroduction to MicroeconomicsMahmood Zarrabi
ECON 1010YIntroduction to MicroeconomicsMahmood Zarrabi
ECON 10121ECON 1012 Lab 1 (For Calgary)Omondi Oloo
ECON 1012AIntroduction to MacroeconomicsMichael Lanyi
ECON 1012BIntroduction to MacroeconomicsDonna Townley
ECON 1012NIntroduction to MacroeconomicsPascal Ghazalian
ECON 1012NIntroduction to MacroeconomicsPascal Ghazalian
ECON 1012YIntroduction to MacroeconomicsOmondi Oloo
ECON 2350AEconomics of Agricultural Markets IDanny Le Roy
ECON 2850AThe Economics of Recreation, Leisure and TourismDonna Townley
ECON 29001ECON 2900 Lab 1 (For Calgary)Carlos Aviles
ECON 2900AEconomics and Business StatisticsJeff Davidson
ECON 2900YEconomics and Business StatisticsCarlos Aviles
ECON 3010AIntermediate Microeconomic TheoryStavroula Malla
ECON 30301ECON 3030 Lab 1 (For Calgary)Lavinia Moldovan
ECON 3030AManagerial EconomicsMichael Lanyi
ECON 3030BManagerial EconomicsStavroula Malla
ECON 3030YManagerial EconomicsLavinia Moldovan
ECON 3210ANatural Resource EconomicsMd Kamar Ali
ECON 3300AAgricultural Policy IKurt Klein
ECON 3400AMoney and BankingDuane Rockerbie
ECON 3550AInternational EconomicsAlexander Darku
ECON 3750AEconomics of Public SpendingRichard Mueller
ECON 3950AEconometrics IPascal Ghazalian
ECON 4012AAdvanced Macroeconomic TheoryAlexander Darku
ECON 4150AMathematical EconomicsKien Tran
ECON 5010NMicroeconomic TheoryMd Kamar Ali
ECON 5012AMacroeconomic TheoryDuane Rockerbie
ECON 5960AEconometric Theory and ApplicationsKien Tran